Finally, a product that delivers better than advertised. It sells itself! Everyone is talking about Twilight Teeth.

Patented Process

Twilight Teeth’s patented No Rinse Process! P6 Whitening Gel was the first on the market to bring you the same whitening process used in dental offices, but in a special kit, complete with a small, comfortable mouthpiece and a simple application process with an enjoyable mint flavor.

No Time To Tan?

Twilight Teeth, the original “Whiten While You Tan” system, now comes complete with the P6 Whitening Light! This powerful little light makes using our P6 Whitener convenient to use for touch ups or on the go. Giving you whiter teeth in just 20 minutes!

The Best Value

There is no need to spend another dollar on expensive teeth whitening at your dentist or messy pastes and films at the drug store. Each Twilight Teeth kit gives you up to 12 applications and is guaranteed to deliver whitening results superior to any over the counter product you can buy or your money back!

Why Twilight Teeth?

  • Twilight Teeth is the original Patented UV Teeth Whitening System. UV teeth whitening is one of the easiest, most cost effective procedures you can do to improve your appearance.
  • We combine our small, comfortable mouthpiece with our P6 no rinse formula, in a simple application process, to achieve stunning results in the salon, at the beach, or at home. Twilight Teeth pioneered a unique approach to turn tanning beds into teeth whitening machines.
  • This concept brought a fresh approach to teeth whitening that previously could only be found in a dental office. The idea of not needing to buy expensive chairs or other equipment to bring teeth whitening profits into salons had never been done before. In 2010, Twilight Teeth was solely responsible for bringing over $10 million new dollars into the indoor tanning industry. Twilight Teeth is a family owned business that continues to stand by a safe, effective and proven product that is legal in all 50 states and carries a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Just prior to tanning place the mouthpiece in first (do no use P6 light unit). Make sure your smile is exposed and visible through the front of the mouthpiece. You’re now ready to use the mirror on the side of the box to apply P6 Whitening gel. With mouthpiece in place apply whitening gel to natural teeth only. Twilight Teeth will only whiten natural teeth. Twilight Teeth will not harm crowns, caps, and other types of dental work During application make sure not to get gel on soft tissue gums and lips. With mouthpiece in place and gel applied you are ready to tan as you normally would. Any UV bed will produce positive results. For best results use in a premium tanning bed with facial tanners for at least 8 to 20 minutes. Swallow normally during treatment and no-rinsing is required. Twilight Teeth will leave a think minty film on your smile and dissipates a few minutes after your tanning session. Simply take the mouthpiece out and go about your day you’re done!

Whiten ON THE GO!

  • Remove battery protector and replace batteries. Place the mouthpiece in first. Make sure your smile is visible through the front of the mouthpiece. You’re now ready to use the mirror on the side of the box to apply P6 whitening gel. With mouthpiece in place apply whitening gel to your smiling teeth evenly with care not to get on soft tissue gums and lips. Using the mirror on the side of the box clip the P6 light on the front of the mouthpiece. whiten for up to 20 minutes. When applied correctly you may swallow as usual. When your session is complete, remove and turn off light, take mouthpiece out, the minty film will dissipate in a few minutes and you can go about your day.

    Remember the P6 Travel Light is not for use in tanning beds!